Since last few days i am getting problems in display on windows XP. Many a times Windows cannot Load the Desktop Screen,Also if it manages to load then The Display is BLURRED and the Windows Hangs. But if the Windows is Started in SAFE MODE it Runs Perfectly. PLEASE HELP !!!
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  1. You try cleaning out your drivers and reinstalling?
  2. If the card runs perfectly fine in Safe Mode, but not in regular Windows, it could be a driver issue.

    Try uninstalling your drivers via DriverSweeper and then install your most updated drivers.

    It could also be that your GPU is dying, an 8500GT is pretty old by now.
  3. I tried uninstalling the driver and Reloading it again...After doing this the PC works perfectly for 1-2 days then again the same problem crops up !!! Also When The Display is proper I Cannot run it Recommended Resolution of 1440X900. But There seems to be no problem in Any of The Safe Modes
  4. Dying card, time for a new one.
  5. What Dying GPU Mean ????
  6. OK A NEW DEVELOPMENT: When I Uninstall The NVDIA 8500 GT graphics card Driver...WINDOWS Loads Properly and seems to function Smoothly and i am not facing any problem...BUT...As Soon as I install the Graphics Card Driver...The Same Display Problems Crop up !!! PLEASE HELP !!!
  7. Dying GPU means your 8500GT is dying. You need a new video card.
  8. THANKS. BUT I have Gigabyte M68M-S2P Motherboard which has Nvdia 7025...that means even if my 8500GT dies then i do not have any problem rite ???
  9. Did you ever get that fixed?
    Did you try a different driver?
    Might have to wipe the system and start fresh.
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