Short 6pin graphic card cable?

is there any short (7in to 8in) power cable for video cards? cause all psu come with its own power cables which are too long and usually have to be tucked in the back of the case...was wondering why dont they make 6pin or 8pin power cables that fits a bottom mounted psu?/ or at least sell different size of power cables...trying to reduce cable clutter in my case. And I dont have any experiences in modding the wires myself... I have multi gfx setup 2 dual pci slotted cards and just make the back of my case a cable mess..shorter wires would be nice simply so they will only be in the case where it is needed and not tucked away?? any ideas?
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    Silverstone actually sells a short kit, designed for HTPC's. (strider series PSU's)
    $25 Silverstone Short Cable Set For Silverstone Strider Series Modular PSU Model PP05
  2. Use a modular PSU for better cable management.
    BitFenix also has a full line of cables in 6/8 pin.
    What psu make and model?
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