Decent Card - Low Profile??

I'm just wondering if anyone has shopped for something like this similar to what I'm looking for and found it.

I just built a new Sandy Bridge system. Right now I'm running off of the integrated graphics, which so far has actually been decent (Starcraft 2 runs flawlessly on high settings, getting 50fps out of halflife 2 on all high detail and 1400x900 res). But I may want to put a card in here soon anyway.

The catch is I'm using a Lian-Li mini ITX mini tower. It does have enough room to fit a full size card in, but not lengthwise. The card can't have a heatsink on the back since it butts right up against the processor fan, and I've got roughly an inch of clearance from the card slot to the top of the hard drive.

Lengthwise, in order to fit in such a way you could get the card out, the back of the card can't really go much further beyond the PCI-e slot (the locking tail). Something like this should fit real well:

But the performance of that card is right around that of the Intel HD 3000 that's built into the processor from PassMark's chart.

Any ideas? Does ATI seem to have more powerful lower profile cards? I may end up just keeping and using the HD3000... I really like the low noise and low power consumption of just using the processor, but I think adding a card will eventually need to happen.
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  1. I was looking at those, but I'm worried about the length that goes past the back tail. I had a variation of this card before:

    But it had a heatsink on the back that when removed made the thing overheat. I did manage to get it into the case, but it took about 15 minutes of close-quarters fidgeting, and about 30 minutes to get out because your hand couldn't fit behind to where the release tab was :)

    I do see a 5570 that I think would work:

    But if I wanted to stay in Nvidia realm (maybe I've just had lemons, but I've had a ton of problems with ATI cards and drivers and Nvidia has been pretty easy all around), I'm stuck with the GT 210's and 430's.
  2. If the length of the video card cannot extend much beyond the PCI-e slot, then you are probably stuck with the GT 210.

    What about the following GT 220?

    I would save up money to replace the case since it is preventing you from installing a good video card for games.
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