Raid 0 with Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3? (More than 2)

Okay, so i just got this board and was reading some feedbacks on Newegg i didn't notice til now. A good friend of mine teached me how Raid 0 works. So i planned on buying four Samsung 830 128GB's next month to install onto the board. So, i wanted to install them on those third party sata ports (Those light grey ones seen on Newegg here)

So people were supposely having issues getting more than two SSD's together. Is this true? Cause i don't wanna go buying them, then not being able to do Raid 0 with all 4 SSD's.. I wanna know what's the deal there or if i am missing something. Any help appreciated.

Or, if any other owners are out there that have done the Raid 0 with 2 or more SSD's to prove you CAN do it.
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  1. Hello? ;__;
  2. Ok forget it. I think i understand how to do this now. Board Closed.
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