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i have a soundblaster live hooked up to my stereo on an aux channel. it worked fine until i upgraded to win me. i downloaded the latest drivers and sound levels in programs like winamp show it playing. what is going on, has anyone seen anything like this before.
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  1. Its a bug... called WinMe.. youll be better with WIN98 SE, as in my own personal view.. WinMe is for novice home users. Or jump to Win2k.

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  2. double click on the little yellow speaker in the lower right corner. Make sure nothing is muted.
    or try right mouse clicking on the same little speaker and making sure that the your SB Live is selected as your output device. You can also click advanced to make sure that you have the correct speaker setup selected.
  3. Maybe you ost your hearing, can you hear other things, bang you knuckles on the desk.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Go to the system manager! sorry does winme have that! if so remove sound card and reboot and let it autodetect the card.

    If that doesn't work, well it just has to, thats all there is I have in my brain right now!!

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