P67 ud4 fail to start

I have a pc of:
-p67 ud4 motherboard
-core i7 2600
-gtx 460
-8 gb ram
when i open the pc the power goes on for a few sec (4 sec) and restart and so on without even going to post screen
what is the reason of that failure ?
and how can i fix it?
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  1. Sounds like you need to reset your CMOS.
  2. i have reseted it but the problem didnt solve
  3. could be a few things..the mb having a hard time setting the ram speed..try pulling out all the ram but one dimm.
    you forgot to plug in the 4/8 pin atx plug near the cpu. you forgot to use the case standoffs and ground out the mb or the i\o shield is. try taking the mb out of the case and bread boarding it. the ram you have is the wrong voltage/amd ram or not on the mb qual guild. the mb cmos need to be updated...missing some code to boot right.
  4. i have done all of these but nothing work
    i guess the problem is in the psu or the motherboard
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