EVGA GTX 460 & Dell

Hi Guyz!!
I am new here
I am going to buy EVGA GTX 460 1024MiB OR MSI GTX 460 1024MiB Hawk
Are they have a problems like ( Height..Length..Width ) In Optiplex 745 Mini-Tower ??!!

Thanks For The Help In Advance.... :sol:
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  1. The case only supports single slot cards, so no. And also your psu is only 305w, that's not enough. What processor do you have?
  2. EVGA Selling One Slot For GTX 460 and OFC i will Buy Antec 500 Watt
    I need to know if there is problem with card from length and height ??
  3. I have the EVGA 460, and it is pretty big. You'll need to figure out if it will fit your case.

    BTW, I am going to be pulling out my Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU, if you're interested.
  4. Thanks for your help
    and for your offer by the way i am from Egypt i guess you are not Egyptian xD
  5. Not Egyptian, that I'm aware of ;)
  6. I don't see any single slot 460 from evga, only one from galaxy and kfa. But they are long so I have my doubts of it with the air duct around your heatsink. Your computer is low end and you never stated your cpu. You might be better off going with a 450.
  7. That Is Not Good
    air duct and power solved the problem is my computer and its Size Thanks guyz for helping me....
  8. HD 5670 is the best choice for that tower
  9. I'm Sorry king i am not big fan of ATI but thanks for the Advice

    And K1114
    Sorry i didnt notice it...my CPU Is Core 2 Duo 2.1 Cashe 2
  10. what about the GT 450
    maybe GT 520
  11. Thanks for the help guyz i knew that i will get my answer here :)
  12. bottlenecks ??!!! i have a friend who is using the same card on CPU Daul Core 3.00 Cashe 2MB ( Without OC ) and he was running whole games like COD OPS and Battlefield Bad Company 2 at Highest Performance and it was Smooth Very Smooth i saw that with my own eyes and couldnt believe it :(
  13. COD Black Ops***
  14. I'm running an E6300 Core2Duo, and when I play BF2BC at the highest settings, and 1920x1080, I can tell you that my CPU is causing bottlenecking-related performance issues.

    BF2BC wants to use at least 3 cores, as I watch my wife's i5-750 core temps and they get nice and warm when she's playing the same game.

    I am only slightly OC'd to 2.3GHz at the moment (just finishing up the build on an i5 2500K, so I might be done on this Core2Duo.
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