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Major stuttering in games and bad performance

Last response: in Systems
July 21, 2011 3:05:58 AM


IM SICK OF MY COMPUTER HAVING EXTREMNE STuttering. For ex: I play killing floor,and the game randomly drops from 91 frame cap, to 22 for unkown reasons. I was using fraps to observe this. In tf2, the frames drop from 250 to 55 and go back up. My games have to much of this major stuttering, and im sick of this.

Here are my specs:
I7-2600k 3.8GHz
EVGA GTX 580-1.5 VRAM Superclocked
LGA 1155 Asus Maximus IV extreme
8GB 1866 Corsair Vengeance RAM
OCZ vertex 2 100GB
219GB Hard drive
149GB Hard Drive
149GB Hard Drive
13GB recovery
Corsair 800d case.

I got top notch parts, and my computer is performaning worse than my old laptop, when it comes to stuttering. THe stuttering is like sometimes even 2 seconds of freezing, and then the frames go back up


a b B Homebuilt system
July 21, 2011 4:10:41 AM

first of all, please don't write in caps, its quite annoying.
and don't say that you have top notch parts, makes you sound somewhat arrogant.
now to the trouble shooting.
you didn't provide the PSU so please do if you see this.
the case you chose is well... something I'd say overpriced, also, it only has 3 140mm fans. if you want to stick with that case, be sure to get more air flow because your "top notch parts" can't function to their full potential (aka. like a boss) if you don't chill them down. in fact, lack of air flow will bring down the life expectancy of your parts and make the run like a turtle compared to the leopard they should be acting like.
you RAM ( the 1866MHz ) isn't compatible with the CPU ( should run just fine but just telling you that).
also, whats with the 3 old HDD you have?, perhaps its time to put them in a storage shed and get a 1TB HDD.
if your game is on the SDD, try reinstalling them onto your hard drive, the SDD might be glitching a bit.

edit: trying turning off Fraps while gaming, that might help. (on my old PC, using fraps on GMod brought down my FPS from about 40fps to 9 to 12 fps)
July 21, 2011 6:08:35 AM

+1 to the above, as you havnt mentioned the psu, that would be the most likely fault. You cant run top notch parts of a P.O.S. PSU.
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July 28, 2011 1:52:54 AM

I currently have a Corsair ax1200 watt power supply. Sorry for all my arrogaunce and everything. I do believe a 1200 watt power supply will definitely do the job.

Yes you are probably right about adding fans to my case. Currently I can only add three 120mm fans to the top of my case as out take fans (or intake). As for my computer temps, they're pretty fine: cpu 40 C when in underload (including running games), Gpu 58 C (idle), Socket (48 C).
The point is my parts are at good temps, not suffering horribly from heat. My house isn't the coolest (usually at 78 C) ,my temperature readings are all less than 50 C.

But I will listen to your advice, and buy three 120mm red L.e.d coolermaster fans, or is xigmatek better? Also, I'll replace my stock 140mm fans with red l.e.d ones except for the one hidden behind a plate.

July 28, 2011 1:55:43 AM

Also by the way, does it matter if i plug my fans in power ports opt1/2/3, or chassis1/2/3?