CPU is way too hot, where should it be?

Current temps are at 110 Degree's Celsius. IDLE. This is underclocked from 2.6 to 1.8Ghz. I am using a stock cooler on the athlon II x4 620. I was wondering what kind of temps SHOULD I have? Just bought , Any other ideas on solutions? The case temp is about 28 Degrees Celsius.
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    At those temps, it should be burning its way throught the mobo. 230F

    You must have a bad temp. sensor or the cpu voltage is sky high, should be 1.25/1.4v depending on the chip and load. Also check heatsink is fitted correctly.

    People have hit 3.2Ghz with no voltage changes.
  2. +1 bad cencor, you can check thermal paste to be sure
  3. Your CPU would shut down long before 110 C. Try Core Temp. If the results are the same you have a bad thermal sensor.
  4. Core Temp says TJ. Max 70 Celsius and 41 Degrees celsius on Core #0. Doesnt tell me heat of other cores for some reason. It HAS overheated, multiple times. That is why I underclocked it from 2.6 to 1.8Ghz. Voltage is stock, 1.2v per Core temp., switching coolers tommorow, and will check the thermal paste then :). Thanks for the posts.
  5. Update for those who want to know: My CPU now stays under 48C at all times, even during stress testing (8 hours straight). Thanks for the input guys!
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  7. for Athlon keep it around 50. 110 waaaaaaaaaay too hot something wrong there
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