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MOBO CPU support possible?

I found this motherboard ASRock N68C-GS FX and want to know if it will support a AMD athlon le-1640. Amazon says it will support the CPU but the manufacturer website says no. I'm just curious if anyone on here has had any experience of the AMD 2 running on this board.
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    Yes, it is compatible.

  2. Thank you, I want to replace the MOBO as I had a Compaq presario SR5608F and I flashed the bios to over clock the CPU and put widows 7 64 bit and it is just not running correctly. Sometimes it is very fast and most time very slow, I have the CPU at 3.1 temps are fine. I'm just hoping the new MOBO is the correct solution, thanks again!
  3. I am unable to select best answer but Nikorr was correct, I have the MOBO and it is working with my CPU. Thank you!!
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  5. Good luck!
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