Ok guys what is going on here!?!?!?!?

ok well i just did a new build this what i have......

case- tempest (air flow king)
motherboard- MSI 870A -G54
CPU- AMD phenom 2 965 quad core 3.4ghz( water cooled cpu) OCed to 4.0ghz
Graphics- 8800gt superclocked edition.
HDD- 2x320gb western digitals
OS- windows 7 ultimate
RAM- 8GB ddr3 gskill memory clocked at 1600mhz
PSU-680 watt iceberg
nxzt fan controller

ok i had the stock cpu fan in and i was switching in my water cooled cpu cooler on my cpu....... when i pulled off my STOCK fan the cpu came of with it????? it has a locking contraption for the cpu???? anyways i hooked up my new cooler and turned on the my comp...... everything turned on except my fan controller and my fans.....and my monitor stayed in sleep mode? nothing was showing up. so i took of the cooler. and took out the cpu and looked at it and about 5 to 10 pin where bent..... i got them straight again using a toothpick. i also noticed a pin had broken off..... I plugged everything back in and it is still doing the same thing.... before i put the new cooler in it was working perfect...... idk what IS GOING ON it is frustrating me.......... :fou: is the psu not giving the kick start the pc needs or what????

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  1. CPU broke, you'll need a new one.
  2. Sounds alot more like a troll thread than an actual problem someone is facing. but just in case:

    first of all, did you unscrew the cpu stock fan before you, assuming forcibly, yanked it off with your hulk power? right now, from your description, it appears you have killed your CPU, and possibly your motherboard. My guess is that your warrenty is now void due to extreme physical abuse of your parts. so you might have to buy brand new parts again.

    also. typing in all caps and excessive punctuation is against the rules.
  3. ok well i have been working on this for hours. Yes i completely unscrewed the stock fan the thermal paste was creating a suction so i was twisting it and it just wasent coming off. so i pulled it not very hard and it came off so idk what happened there. and srry for typing in all caps and excessive punctuation. im just frustrated and tired. So the cpu is no good :/
  4. yep, CPUs are touchy things, one broken pin means the whole thing is shot. Make sure that the pin is out of the CPU slot before trying another CPU. I work at a computer refurbisher, and this happens all the time. AMD sockets can pull out with relative ease once the thermal paste decides it is on for good. I find that now when removing heat-sinks and procs from bad mobos, I always pull straight out, and in doing so the pins do not get damaged.

    Your mobo is probably fine. breaking a pin off in it wont hurt it any, though turning the power on with a bad CPU could potentially damage things, but there are so many fail safes in a CPU these days that I doubt anything else is busted.

    Best of luck to you!
  5. if the thermal paste was sticky, turn on your cmoputer for a few minutes and the paste will come off easily. also, remove the thermal paste and apply new paste
  6. alright thank you so the cpu is causing my fan controller and fans to not work as well? personally i dont think so i will look more into that i think the psu i have is not the greatest at the moment.
  7. I have seen cpu's with the broken pin re-soldered .

    Try searching on google

    something like " re-soldering cpu pin" might get you some advice
  8. Others on this forum have reported breaking a ground pin, and it still works. If the pin is for grounding, it might still work. If its a pin that transmits data, not a chance.
  9. the reason your fans, video, etc is not working is because your system cannot complete POST. POST must be complete before all of the mobo systems can be initialized (including graphics, fan control, bootstrapping, etc.)
  10. ^Caedenv is right, Fans are controlled by BIOS/motherboard (if they are plugged-into board itself) like in my system when I do cold-boot my CPU fans starts and then stops suddenly and when BIOS is doing POST they started working. Thus your broken CPU might be stopping your BIOS to do any work (means CPU is not executing any code).
  11. well ya the fans that i have plugged into my mobo are running fine. its like my fan controller is getting no power at all
  12. Well it sounds like your prob gonna need a new cpu anyway. i think there is a good chance that once you have a new processor fitted (after removing rogue pin from socket of course!) everything will run up fine. the majority of components fitted on your system need a working cpu so that they know when and how to function. just because there is power to the system doesnt mean everything will power up.
  13. alright cool thanks guys ordered another cpu from newegg and i will be getting it here soon. and yes i got the rogue pin out .
  14. ok installed new 965 and she is running flawless with liquid cooling thx guys.
  15. Wish it was better/cheaper news. At least your back up.
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