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Hope I'm in the right thread.
Last night I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and during the game the computer unexpectedly turned off and now it won't turn on.
The case was hot to the touch so I believe I might have burned out a part.
How can I test which part is damaged and needs replacement.

When plugged in the light on the PSU lights up blue but when I hit the power button nothing comes on, no sound or anything.

Computer Specs:
Gigabyte MB
AMD 9950 overclocked from 2.6 to 2.8ghz.
The CPU has been OCed for over 8 months now on a stock cooler without any issues.

Motherboard :
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  1. Unplug the hdds, dvd drives, case fans, etc from the mobo. Everrything except cpu/heatsink and one stick of ram (and the psu and power switch). Does the mobo have an led power indicator? If so, is it on?

    If with everything unplugged (including all peripherals and montiors!) you get a post beep, slowly plug things back in till you dont. If the mobo power led is out or it wont post, its probably fried the mobo.
  2. It would help greatly if you said where the case was hottest! Was it, for example, mainly around the PSU area? That's the most likely culprit if it won't turn on. Is there a rather pungent, odd burned silicon smell present if you sniff at the PSU's exhaust fan/grille? Sometimes there isn't even any smoke or audible bang. In those cases it's usually a smaller transistor or an optocouple/standby circuit failure. Or it can just be the fuse.

    OR...all your fans are clogged with fluffy dust and there's no airflow. Regular cleaning is important if you want your machine to live for a while. And by regular i mean once a month, maybe more if your house/usage area is particularly dusty, or you have pets.

    To be honest, 500Watts is pretty weedy now. Even if your machine is just able to cope, at higher loads PSUs become overworked and efficiency drops way below the usual rating. What graphics system do you have? Surely you're not playing BFBC2 using onboard integrated graphics?

    Additionally, can you see any obvious burning or scorching anywhere upon your motherboard or other devices? Any blown capacitors (the top of the cylinder, which should be nice and flat, will often start to bulge from the middle, or the cap may burst at the bottom, which will be easily visible as the cap will have physically lifted from the board on either one side mainly or fully. sometimes they just dump their electrolyte all over the board instead, which is very bad)?

    Do you have any spare parts you can test with?
  3. EDIT: Or it could simply be thermal shutdown protection. Wait for it to cool before trying anything. :)
  4. @ChaosHusky, the hottest part was the top where the PSU is.
    Fans are clean...I've seen my share of dusty computer internals (no pets, just kids).
    I have a Geforce 450 GTS, 4gigs memory. I play L4D2, SC2, Crysis.
    also this happened last night and i tried turning it on this morning b4 work and nothing. I will check the internals 2nite.
  5. the issue appears with a bad keyboard, i have no other solution but replacing the keyboard.
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