Asrock h77m, need assistance

i've just build a custom pc, these are the parts:

mobo: asrock h77m
cpu: i5-3450
ram: 2x 4GB g skill sniper 1600MHz
psu: seasonic m12 520w
gpu: gigabyte radeon hd 7850
ssd: samsung 830 series 128GB
os: windows 64-bit oem

i first noticed the problem when trying to install windows, it would hang during the initial "loading files" or just after, at the "starting windows" where you first see the logo.

the screen would freeze, after a while the optical drive would slow down, then the computer would automatically restart.
i suspect the motherboard because it has also frozen and become unresponsive while i was navigating the bios.

if a computer freezes while in the bios, does that mean the motherboard is defective?

i have updated the bios to the latest version on the asrock site, but it had no effect.

how can i do a more conclusive test to see it is the motherboard at fault?
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  1. update: decided to pull out one of the ram sticks, windows seems to be installing.

    is it possible for a defective ram stick to mess with the bios???
  2. confirmed, one of my sticks of ram was bad. running off of 1x 4GB stick atm.

    i checked the bad ram in both of the DDR3 slots, and it failed in both, so the motherboard socket is fine.

    how do i add the "solved" tag to the title?
  3. i have the same asrock h77m i have kingston 1066 latency 7 i have no problems its a fantastic mobo i think your memory modules are bad sorry for my bad englishe
    had exact same problem with a asrock 880gmh r2.0 and the problem was ocz memory modules i replace with kingston and no freezes again
  4. I want to buy asrock h77m ,,, this motherboard can support 2x4gb G.Skill
  5. I would buy a kit and not 2 modules, even if it's the same model.
    Here are the compatible kits listed by GSkill:
  6. i want to buy 4 gb tam... i want to kno if it is possible to add second G.Skill
    F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL to this motherboard
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