Will an Asrock n68-s ucc run an AMD 840 cpu?

I am currently running a 64x2 5000 cpu on this mobo (n68-s) and thinking of upgrading. I looked at asrock's cpu list and did not see the 840 listed. The 840 is a 95 watt chip and I remember talk about it being an overclocked Athlon II X4 650. The 650 is listed. So with all this research I think it will work. But I must be certain, has anyone done it that will tell me it works.

Also if you think I'm on the wrong track with the 840 what would you opine
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    it is pretty much the same than the Phenom II X4 840 but without the L3 cache.

    it should work

    if you didn't already buy it, get a Phenom II X4 945 Deneb
  2. I haven't bought it yet, thank you, the 945 is better.
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