Can a MAC cpu get connected to regular monitor?

We got a MAC CPU but we don't have the monitor. I am wondering if we need exactly a MAC monitor to get the system up and running? Also is the mouse for MAC different than that for regular PC?
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  1. Any monitor should work. Traditionally Mac mice have only one button, whereas PC mice have at least 3.
  2. What Apple PC do you have? Some of them used graphics cards with ADC(apple display connector), it was used to pass power and video signal to the monitor on a single cable, it looks like a DVI connector with rounded sides and you can use a simple adapter to convert it to DVI for a standard monitor.

    You can use a standard keyboard and mouse with a mac if its got USB ports, it works normally but you may want to switch around the command and control functionality if you use a standard keyboard.
  3. Mac's havnt had 1 mouse button for quite some time.

    What is the model of the MAC or Serial number if u have it.

    any monitor(adapter may be req), usb mouse or usb keyboard will work.
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