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Want to buy a cpu for both gaming and video conversion

i choose two type of specs manage budget for i7 just cutting the cpu cooler and mobo price and investing it in processor

processor ..i5 2500k
mobo. cheapest and good z68 mobo except asrock ..can be a single slot graphics card mobo(should overclock to 4.5ghz without any problem )
ram..corsair vengeance 4gb 1600mhz
gpu..msi gtx 560ti
psu..corsair 550tx
cabinet ..antec 300
hdd..seagate 500gb sata 3(later ssd will be added)
cpu cooler ..cooler master hyper 212 plus

processor ..i7 2600
mobo..Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3
ram..corsair 1333mhz 4gb
gpu..gtx 560ti
psu..psu..corsair 550tx
cabinet ..antec 300
hdd..seagate 500gb sata 3(later ssd will be added
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  1. i would say the 2600 and get a corsair h80 or h100 to overclock without any problems.

    i see the 2600 as the best of both worlds its great with games and good for video conversion,

    What about the 2600k Its a little more but its made for overclocking

    Thats what im currently looking at.
  2. If you're going with the i7 2600 build I would suggest going with a P67 based motherboard. Using the link provided as reference.
  3. i agree the p67 is a great mobo for the 2600
  4. but the budget is a problem ..instead of investing it in motherboard and cpu cooler..i invested in processor ..
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    The 2nd option will give you the best of both worlds imo.
    As you said,you can always add components later.
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