Why is my pc so slow?

hi guys my brother has a amd x6 1090t cpu,4gb ddr3 1333Mhz,amd 6970,720 watt psu it seems like his computer is really slow but he just reinstalled windows not that long ago. Why could his computer be so slow? :bounce: any replies will be greatley appriciated
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  1. Heat is one possibility that comes to mind, what are his temps like?
    is his Hdd on the fastest available connection, what speed is the Hdd?
    is the hdd full of stuff or just the Operating system?
    could be one of many things so we need a little more info
  2. thermaltake frio heatsink,5200rpm hdd,os and a few games
  3. Eww at the hard drive. If you dont want to spring up for an SSD, get a nice 7200rpm sata III HD with 64MB cache. WD makes a nice 1gb drive that fits the bill.
  4. Yup, that Hdd isn't going to do anyones speeds a favour at all, 7200 as mentioned
    I'd still like to know his temperatures, not just the heatsink/fan on the Cpu though :)
    Hwmonitor or speedfan (or even in bios screen) will tell you his Cpu temp amongst other stuff
  5. defragment the hard drive...use distrix ultimate disk defrag....works wonder!
  6. I recommend defraggler and run it from a live bootable CD. If you defrag from within windows you will never get a 100% good defrag because of the files that are in use.
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