XFX Radeon 5850

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  1. At $150-160, those are both good deals. The 5850 is slightly more powerful than the 6850, which garners Tom's Best Graphics for the Money this month at the $175 price point. Depending on the review and the particular benchmark, the size of the performance difference varies (the 6870, 6850's big brother, is the intended successor for the 5850). The 5850 uses more power, but should also be more overclock-able.

    I use 2 5850's in crossfire and am very happy with them.
  2. ^ Agree
    Any 5850 that's priced at $140 is a great deal considering how powerful they are.

    The Saphire seems to be a better deal but almost every XFX GPU has a lifetime warranty.Just be sure that you have a good enough power supply to run these type of high end cards.
  3. Get the Sapphire you linked. ;)
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