X2 560 BE (running B60) is laggyyy!

Okay so I'm throwing together a little rig for my parents; they mostly do casual web surfing and watching videos/movies... I have a local store here where I can purchase either of these two processors with a motherboard for as little as a hundred bucks. Now, my question is... which would be the better pick? AMD vs. INTEL war... start... NOW!

* AMD Phenom II X 560 Black Edition
- 3.3 ghz
- L1: 128 + 128 KB
- L2: 2 x 512 KB
- L3: 6 MB
- HT: 4000 mhz

* Intel Core 2 Duo E5700
- 3.0 ghz
- L2: 2 MB
- FSB: 800 mhz

I've been with Intel a long time now and they treat me great... However, the specs above look pretty obvious that the 560BE is the better processor. Both would be overclocked to around 3.6ghz, running DDR3 ram, and a dedicated graphics card. I will be gaming on this computer whenever I go over to hang out... just for a bit :P

Can anyone else chime in with their experiences with these two processors?
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  1. Yea, I've owned an E5300 a longgg time ago as well and it performed well while running at a 3.0ghz clock.

    According to those benchmarks, it seems the 560BE beats the Intel chip in every way. I've just never really delt with AMD systems as my own (built a few for others but never myself), so I was just looking for any feedback that makes the AMD chip much more cooler than the Intel lol.
  2. Even if the 560BE was a weaker CPU than the E5700, I would still recommend going with AMD since you still have an upgrade path. LGA 775 is a dead end.
  3. Yea the store around me has a CPU/MOBO combo for that processor; most likely I'll be picking it up because it seems to be the stronger CPU for for the money.
  4. there is not AMD vs intel war. get the 560be, its newer, and has better motherboards available AND you can upgrade it easily. the e5700 is based on a socket that is dead and not upgradeable. I dont think the cpu's are in production anymore for that socket. If you want something from intel you need to look at the newer socket 1155. you should be able to find something priced similar to the 560be like the intel G850.
  5. I'm aware of the newer sockets, however they don't have the sales at my local store! The only reason I'm bring up these two cpus is that I can get either one with a motherboard combo for around $100.
  6. Wow, that's pretty much exactly what I'm getting... 560BE, 760G, 1333 luls.

    Microcenter build!
  7. but you could get a socket 1155 motherboard and cpu for around $100 too. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0367906
    it would be a bit faster than the phenom and use less power.
  8. The main difference for you at this point is the price of ram using ddr3 you can get twice as much for haf the price so AMD would be cheaper (most 775 boards do not use ddr3). for the uses of you parents the differences in cpu are moot, review the mobo's features which sound like they will play a bigger part in the usage as the cpu performance is so close
  9. Well I went out and grabbed the parts these parts:

    - AMD Phenom II X2 560 BE
    - ASUS M4N68T-M V2 Socket AM3 630a
    - Microcenter 4GB DDR3 1333

    I enabled the core unlocker feature and am now running on 4 cores! Ran Prime95 for 3 hours and so far so good; will have to run it longer when I have more time to spare.

    * AMD Phenom II X4 B60 @ 3.30ghz

  10. Lucky. :( I only hope when I get my 560 I can unlock it. BTW, the stock cooler isn't going to do a good job cooling the CPU. You'll probably want an aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212+ so it doesn't overheat.
  11. Yea, so far it's running around 41 degrees at idle and a whopping 74 while running Prime. It was pretty steady during those 3 hours and then I decided to cut it short since I was worried about those temps... I'll probably pick up that Hyper TX3 (the one in my avy) for like 15 bucks, not trying to dump a whole lot of money into this comp lol.

    These AMD processors sure do make a lot of damn heat!
  12. So far, the comp seems to be somewhat quick... I can't say quicker than the old setup that were in it though (E3400, G31, 2GB, XP); I guess the new components have to be broken in until it runs at lightening speed. :sarcastic:
  13. Wow nice score, a tx3 will bring you under 70 and that is all I would worry about 65 C or so is fine 70 C is the thermal limit for that CPU.

    Did you try overclocking that old system at all ? have you sold it, Im sure there is a lot of fun to be had with that system
  14. Yea, the old E3400 was running at 3.0ghz; the only thing holding it back was the 2gb 667mhz ram, but it still ran exceptionally well. However, it was running like that for the past 2 years and I have this thing with processors being used for 2 years or more... so I sold it off and upgraded to this 560BE.
  15. So... After using the 560BE (running B60 - 4 cores) for the past week... I feel like it's a bit laggy, at least compared to my previous E3400. I notice with the 4 cores unlocked, it doesn't seem any faster than running on 2 cores... What's the deal with that? This is my first AMD build and it's not leaving me with a good impression.
  16. It could be laggy as its overheating
  17. You bought a two core processor and you complain it overheats when you run it with four cores?
  18. No, I've actually gotten a better HSF for it (CM Hyper TX3). Temps are around 62-63 degrees running on full load.

    It performs well for smaller apps like web browsing and what not, but whenever I try to open something that requires a little more power, like Steam, it gets really laggy.
  19. Yea, I've noticed I could enable/disable different cores... I'll try to play with it more later this evening. The two cores that it's suppose to be running at even seems laggy at times.
  20. Nice, I'll check that out this evening as well!
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