Comp keeps rebooting, error 62

Having some trouble with my computer not wanting to boot properly..
It was working fine for a month but then suddenly started shutting down+powering up randomly.

I started checking cables and ram etc but couldn't figure out what was wrong.
Upon booting it shuts down when the debug led shows "62" which is something southbridge something.
I removed everything from my case except the psu and the mobo (with just one stick ram) but still same problem.
I removed the mobo and checked the risers and even put some electrical tape to make sure it wasnt a short of some kind against the tray.

Does anyone have any experience with problems like these or any recommendations what I can try?

When I put the mobo on a box instead of in the case it seemed like it was working but it could just be a coincident as it randomly works sometimes :(

specs; ASRock Z77 Professional, i7 3770k, 4x4GB G.Skill 1600MHz, Corsair HX850w, 2x GTX560ti and a bunch of hdds. :lol:
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  1. update; tried another psu and still the same thing
    however - applying pressure to the heat sink (thermalright silver arrow sb-e) with a finger or two makes the computer boot :S it reboots as soon as I let go though..
    Gonna re-seat the cooler and see if it helps.

    edit; the quickest fix so far: put the computer on its back = works instantly.. gonna try putting the stock cooler on tomorrow :(
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