Is this an ok practice server?

Hello, I am trying to get my MCSE cert. and I am trying to find an inexpensive way of learning. I have the first cert. exam practice book now all I need is a server to use for my hands on learning. This is the cheapest barebone system that I could find and I am hoping that it will work. If anyone has a better solution or maybe a thumbs up please let me know, I am going to frys today to pick it up. Btw I am going to be using Windows server 2003 if you didn't know already, and I have read some things about ECC memory but I do not know if that will really make a difference.
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  1. Bump for the love of Raptor Jesus?
  2. Don't bump, it's annoying and the Mods will slap you.

    Anyway yeah you can set up a Windows Server on that
  3. No I would not run a server on an atom processor are core2 duo would be fine that atom will be so slow it will piss you off. I just setup some windows 7 pc's on atom dual cores and it was a mess so horobbly slow.. So basicly it will work but it will not be fun.

  4. I didn't say it would be fast :D. Besides Thently, Server 2003 is based on XP, not Vista or Windows 7 so basically that's not a good comparison.

    Make sure you put 4GB in that thing. You can find yourself using alot of memory if you're also going to use it as a practice web server too :D. I would much rather use a Linux server thanks, but in a business environment Windows is the go to server OS to manage corporate work groups o_O.
  5. ^ +1

    Also that kit you linked doesn't have RAM, HDD or optical drive. You'd spend another $100-$150 getting all that. If you want a cheap barebones system Tigerdirect has quite a few that include all the hardware you need.
  6. Thank you for all of your support, If anyone knows about this system here comes complete with all hardware just no OS which isn't a problem. I would be glad to hear about it, or a better equivalent to it for around the same price. once again thank you for your support in helping me become certified.
  7. if you have good computer already go virtual, VM ware, Oracle VM VirtualBox u can set up multiple servers, in today's world there is no need for hardware (sept your main system) i have over 20 images loaded from windows servers, Linix, unix, (cent OS) also every copy of windows (if i have to help some1) just load up windows xp lol
  8. What I am trying to do is follow a guide for a stand alone server while having two clients transfer files to and from server. While using my main PC as a dedicated server I will still be lacking a client, therefor, why I am looking to buy a barebone system is to be my dedicated server. So if anyone has any suggestions of a entry level barebone system that I can use for hands on training that is all that I am looking for. Using a virtual os maybe away to get around using physical hardware but, setting up the network and being able to add multiple users is what I am trying to achieve if that makes any sense. Once I learn WS2k3 I do intend on upgrading and learning WS2k8. With that being said if anyone has a future proof hardware setup that with allow me to achieve both at a reasonable cost that would also be beneficial. My current budget is tight, I would say around 300-600 USD.
  9. all i can say is that 80% of my clients are using VMware, and i run all there needs from one good server like 16 core opteron with over 128 gig ram, its not only good to practice on virtual server, its good to know how to set it up, the 5 servers running on one of my client machine communicate no problem, they all set up with firewall system and see each other no problem

    you can create as many servers/clients as you like in virtual environment, there is no need for hardware to experiment, (unlike me who had 4 dell servers i buy off ebay for 100$ back in the days) get good personal machine, install 5 copies of server, 5 copies of client and experiment to your hart content.

    if not VMware, try Oracle VM VirtualBox, its completely free, and you can install practice servers and windows that come with teaching books, or later even fee Linux, (ya businesses switching to Linux like crazy, windows almost dead in my area) VirtualBox is great tool to pass exam's and learn.
  10. I wouldn't dismiss using VM so quickly, especially with a limited budget. At the very least you can download a 30 day trial for free to play around with it. Free always fits in my budget. If you like it, you can spend the money upgrading your current system (or save it). If you don't like it after that you can always spend you money on a physical box.

    Another thing to keep in mind, a lot of the training centers teach Microsoft courses using VM. I was just in a course last month and we had a domain controller and several workstations all on a single box. Everything you want to do for those tests can be done using VM.
  11. ^ He's trying to get his server cert here, so he needs to learn how to administer the stand alone 2003 properly before adding the fun of a virtual machine. I mean hey I like virtual box, but I know running two VMs and getting them to communicate well with each other as well as the outside world can lead to some frustration if you don't know what you're doing :D.

    I would say build it (go with an AMD E-350 board for around $100, $50 case+PSU, $50 HD, $20 optical drive, and 2GB of RAM) but you can go with a refurbished system pretty cheap for less than $200|c:2628|lp:100:hp:199.99|&Sort=4&Recs=30

    well +shipping and all that. Just get something with an Athlon X2 or Core2Duo and 2GB of RAM, stay away from the P4s.
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    Yeah, good point. Any of these will be more than enough to run what you need also. Once you are more comfortable with it I'd still recommend playing with VM a bit. There are a lot of companies using it or planning to move to it.
  13. For a trial server I would go for something like this with dual nicks you can actually use it for network routing, gateway or other things.
  14. Supermuncher85 said:
    For a trial server I would go for something like this with dual nicks you can actually use it for network routing, gateway or other things.

    Unfortunately an Atom server can't be used later on as a VM server (lack of processing power and RAM). A decent PC with 8 GB of RAM might be a better investment as it could be used to install Windows Server 2003 (I don't know about AMD, but Intel provides the required drivers for most chipsets). As suggested by other members, VMware Server or another VM solution could eventually be installed and VMs configured to simulate a complete network.
  15. Not true GhislainG, you can use an Atom server as a VM server, but of course I don't think you should :D. It would be o.k to test stuff with though assuming one has the required level of patience :D
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