Whats a RAM ? Whats Overclocking? :??:

Hey Guys yesterday I bought the i7 2600k and asus maximus extreme-z mobo the one with the z68 chipset.
I am completely lost as to what ram I should use. I was looking for 8GB of ram anything thats good with overclocking. And why is 2133 better then 1600Mhz?
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  1. 2133 is better than 1600 because it has a higher frequency and works faster, but be carefull, the sandy bridges don't officially support rams higher than 1333. also you should also watch out of the latency of the RAM, the higher the latency, the slower it runs.

    for questions like what is overclocking, and why 2133 is better, Google is a good place to find out.
  2. I Found this article online.

    I think ill go with these

    it has a reasonable clock and latency there really is no reason to go with a 2133 Mhz ram
  3. Nice misleading title..... overclocking ram is pretty useless unless you bench.
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