Will this ups support for this specs

the ups company is numeric ..it has an output capacity of 600va(360w)..product link is http://www.numericups.com/default.aspx?pageid=c58749e9-aac7-468e-9743-9f56df899646
intel i7 2600
intel dh67vr
corsair 4gb 1333mhz
psu -corsair 550tx
msi gtx 560ti
seagate 500gb sata 3.0
antec 300 cabinet

intel i5 2500k
asus P8P67-M
corsair vengeance 4gb 1600mhz
asus gtx 560ti
corsair 550tx
seagate 500gb sata 3.0
antec 300 cabinet
cooler master 212 hyper plus cpu cooler
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  1. Yes - That UPS would give you enough time to do a clean shutdown but not much longer and would not really support an upgraded of your video card or much overclocking. I dont see a runtime chart on the UPS website so I am only guessing when I say you'd have about 5 minutes with a 300w load.

    And by the way, that (single) ups would not run both pc's. You would need 1 ups for each.
  2. Under heavy load if there is a fluctuation in the current you might see a reboot IMO.
    I'm using a 1.2Kva ups on a 600W system, and that goes for a kick start every time we have fluctuations.....
    You'd be safer off going for a better brand like APC or something of that sort. Especially if price is not the problem and the work you do on the rig is a priority.
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