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ok i have a gtx 260 and in game i was playing bfbc2 and was seeing bad fps for 2 days now then today my screen whent black saying no input look to make sure the cable was attached and i reset my comp 2 same thing no input i shut down and made sore everything was conected and even reseated the gpu to nuthing so gpu is gone just wondering if my mobo caoud have done it ANY HELP WILL HELP TY

i have a
acer wmcp78m mobo
amd aTHLON 64 X2 5000+ CPU

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  1. Doubtful the motherboard would have done it, however the POWERSUPPLY could have. What is the make and model of your PSU.

    You need to check a few thigns before you assume the GPU is dead, and you assume the "motherboard" is the culprit.

    1. Try the GPU in another machine, preferably a friends or something to that nature.
    2. Try a different power supply in your machine.
    3. Make sure your card isn't overheating, is it clean of dust, those should be cleaned at least once every few months.
    4. If you can get back in windows check your tempuratures with MSI Afterburner, make sure the fan is working correctly, and make sure your drivers are up to date.

    If a different power supply works. Then your power supply is going bad.
    If the GPU works in another computer then its either your PCI-e slot, or your powersupply. Betting on the latter here.
    If the GPU works in another computer, test another video card in your computer, to make sure it isn't the PCI-e slot. If that GPU does work than it is definitely the power supply.
  2. temps where not a problem tested the gpu in my bros com he got a 550 fatalty psu so i know its not the psu or pci slot due to it dont work in his eather the pci slot works i tryed his msi gtx560 ti in it worked in mine so i dont know i know the gpu is gone just looking for a reason y so the mobo i have did not do it or the psu i have a


    so plz help ty
    only had it 2 weeks in bought it second hand trying to see if its my falt to see if i can get a refund lol
  3. Uhh, even if it the GPU was dead I would highly recommend a PSU upgrade before you buy a new GPU anyway. I wouldn't put a GPU on that PSU at all.
  4. i am buying a new psu but do you think it was the psu there seams to be nuthing wrong with the psu it running good and just wanted to know if it was or not
  5. Its a low-end, low wattage, and low quality PSU. Logisys isn't known for their PSUs at all. If your GTX 260 is dead, aka you really tried it in your brothers computer, and it didn't work, then I would say the PSU killed it. Highly unlikley that it would kill something without dieing itself, but with the quality of that PSU its possible.
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