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I'm a first time builder and I just got the i5-2500 CPU and I know that comes with HD 2000 graphics, I have a video card that I got many years ago. It is a 9600GSO so I'm just wondering which one is better. I watch a lot of videos and movies and only play games lighty such as CIV, CS, L4D, and FFXI so high end card isn't something I think I need. Thank you in advance for any input.

take care,stumpy
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  1. The 9600GSO is very weak but I think it would beat the HD2xxx series.
  2. Honestly I'd go with a fairly cheap 6xxx series from AMD/ATi that way you at least have DX 11 capabilities.
    $80 XFX Radeon 6570 (also would do well for HTPC)
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  4. Use the 9600GSO. If you find the performance to be less than what you expect or want, then buy a new card.
  5. hax everyone for the input, gonna go with the 9600gso which i know isnt that great but should be enough for now till i buy a better card
  6. It might not be great, but its decent, and a heck of a lot better than the Intel graphics.
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