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i want to map 60 static ip's with my router. This is when you take an external and internal IP and map it under "ip maps" the problem is my netopia 3000 only allows 8 maximum ip maps and I need 60. In searching for routers that allow for more ip map capacity I have no luck... I dont know if its because no one else cares and its not published or if there is some technological restraint on having a bunch of mapped IP's.

Any Ideas would be appreciated...
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  1. You will have to look into a professional hardware firewall. Or you could setup an old computer with a Unix type firewall using OpenBSD.
  2. I dont get what u are saying at all is this spam?

    How is this relevent to finding a router that lets you map as many IP's as you want to
  3. I have not found any SOHO routers that will do what you want to do.

    I have seen Watchguard or Sonicwall equipment being able to do it. Personally I have setup OpenBSD to do 40 mapping.
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