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I was installing my first motherboard today, and I stupidly mis-threaded a screw with one of the case standoffs, resulting in a lot of fiddling around getting it free.

As a result, I have scratched the underside of the motherboard. Most of the damage seems contained to the actual screw 'circle' area. However, I have breached the PCB underneath. I have inspected it with a magnifying glass and it definitely doesn't look like i have severed the copper tracks, but I wanted a second opinion on what I should do.

Close up photograph:

In relation to the rest of the board:

Cheers for your help
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  1. No way to repair it, your warranty will be voided, as the board is inspected with any rma request. Only repair is to put a tiny piece of electrical tape over the area by the hole. And I would either replace the standoff that's stripped or leave it empty. Good luck
  2. I have replaced the standoff with a new one. Shall I place electrical tape over the tracks aswell, or leave them as they are?
  3. Just covering the scrapped circuitry lines should be adequate. You can also use a circuit pen to repair breaks but it looks like it won't be needed unless the board won't post.
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