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I have a Philips 47PFL7403D/F7 TV hooked up to my windows 7 computer with a Nvidia GeForce 210 graphics card. When I plugged in the HDMI cable today it showed up in color on the TV but the screen size wasn't right. The edge of the display went off the screen (couldn't see the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, etc.) I noticed the resolution wasn't set to 1080 (can't remember what it was set at) so I changed it. Now my TV is only showing a black and white screen. I've changed the resolution, refresh rate, and color depth to every setting I can think of but I can't get it to show color again. I even switched HDMI ports to see if that did it. My normal display on the PC is working fine and the TV is working fine when I switch it to the cable box. Any way I can have the computer forget what settings I am on now and pick its default like it did when I started? Maybe that's the only setting that works? I clicked 'Restore Defaults' in the Nvidia control panel but no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. To clarify: You mean it's showing your desktop without any color (in black and white?)

    I would check the following:

    -If you boot up in Safe Mode, do you see color? If so, it's an Nvidia driver/setting issue. If not, it's probably some kind of hardware issue.

    -HDMI port on your TV. Some TVs have one HDMI port especially for HTPC in put. It's HDMI 1 on my TV. Make sure you are using the correct one for your TV.

    -Check color saturation setting (if you have one). Make sure it is all the way up. Check this on your TV as well.

    -Under "Adjust Desktop Color Settings", make sure "Use Nvidia settings" is checked. It probably is.

    -You could also try creating a custom resolution. Just copy the native resolution (1920x1080, 60Hz). This seems to sometimes help people who are having HTPC screen issues.
  2. Yes, it was showing in B&W fine but no color. I tried your suggestions but still couldn't get it to work. Everything seemed to be set up right, just no color.

    A couple of days ago my video card stopped working all together. Replaced with a new card and everything works just as it's supposed to. Thanks eightdrunkeng for your help, I appreciate the suggestions.
  3. No problem. Glad you got it worked out.
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