Max Bus Speed?

Hello folks.

How do I find out the maximum bus speed of/on my motherboard?

I got an Epox sis 661fx with Prescott Celeron D @2.53ghz 478 socket.

I want to put in a 3ghz Pentium 4 800 bus speed.

I have 1.5gb ddr400 memory.

Compatible or no?

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  1. From what I was able to find, that board's max FSB is 800Mhz, so you should be fine on that part, at least.
  2. FSB speed while important isn't the determining factor for determining compatibility. It can always be under-clocked or overclocked if desired. Try searching the Epox site for the most up to date manual for the motherboard. Also make note of any motherboard BIOS updates. The socket also has to match, but that's a given. I know towards the end of the pentium 4 life cycle they started gaining true dual core with the highest end models (extreme) getting dual core plus hyperthreading. It may be a downgrade going from a celeron D to a single core pentium 4.
  3. When I put in the Pentium4 I get a "no video detected" signal on my monitor.
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