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Hello, i have a GeForce 9400 GT video card in a computer that is around 3 yrs old I was wondering how good it still is or do i need a newer one? ( i am going to get a new pc)
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  1. Depends, do you game? Are you getting a new monitor as well?
  2. With the price vs performance on the cards available right now I see no reason you should continue to use that card if you plan on doing any more than web surfing, especially since youre getting into a new pc.
  3. I plan on playing games such as IMVU,Empire total war:Shogun 2, WoW and sometime in the future i do plan on getting a flatscreen monitor
  4. If you play new games or want to play new games you need to look for a better card. That card is below the minimum requirements of quite a few games. What new games it could run it would do so just barely on the lowest settings and resolutions. Well, at least for playable frame rates.

    Of coarse, I assume that you plan on moving the card to the new computer when you get it. If not, you should probably hurry and get the new computer and see what card will come on it before you make a decision to upgrade.
  5. Are you building a new PC yourself? If so what parts do you have picked out already.
  6. If you want to stay Nvidia, you could get a GTX 460 768mb for a little over as low as $100 after rebate. That would be a massive upgrade that would last quite a while.
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