HD 5770 crashing while playing Civ 5


Ok, I am not exactly sure what is causing the crashing while I am playing Civilization 5.

I was using EVGA 8800 GT originally and it kept on going into black screen within 5 minutes of the game. So I went out and bought a HD 5770 and thought it would have solved my problem, but instead it is even worst, it crashes within 3 minutes of the game.

These are the hardware that I have in my PC:

Gigabyte GA-EP35-D3SL
4 gb patriot viper ddr 2
Antec 550W power supply
Intel E8500
4 internal harddrives
HD 5770 1024mb
Window 7 64 bit

The technician said that it is my 8800GT overheating that is causing the problem so I went out and upgraded my videocard to the 5770 and its still happening so I am thinking that the problem is not the video card?? Any advice would be great thank you

I used driver sweeper to clean out the drivers and installed the latest one from ATI already
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  1. Do you have the latest Civ 5 patches?
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