How to install a new graphics card

Problem: I am having trouble installing a new graphics card. Please outline all the steps,both hardware and software, for me to install a new graphics into my motherboard's empty pci express slot. thanks.


I have a standard desktop and i am using onboard graphics therefore no previous graphics cards installed just an empty pciE slot.

I am running windows xp sp2. i am planning to upgrade to windows 7 next month but for now ill have to use the windows xp.

i have an nvidia gts 250 from another pc with all its drivers etc downloaded.

Power supply seems adequate.

All answers appreciated,
my regards,
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  1. if i plug in *** new graphics card then boot up the pc and install all the drivers etc... what will happen if i have to remove it one day and switch back to using the onboard graphics provided by the motherboard. Will there be and problems ?
  2. No, you should be able to either do it manually in your bios, or automatically, bios will do it for you
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