New build, CPU seems too hot

I just built my first computer, I've done quite a few computer repairs over the years, never a full build though.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition Deneb 3.5GHz 4 x

Used Artic Silver 5 compound, using stock heatsink/fan, and bought some extra fans for case.

Idle temp is about 35 degrees, but when I stress test it, within 5 mins, I'm pushing over 60, and end up stopping the test when I hit about 62 degrees because I don't want to ruin it. I tried a game, Final Fantasy XIV since that is a pretty intensive game, and that hit about 49-50 degrees, and stayed there. I definitely had issues getting the heatsink on, and I've done multiple heatsinks before and never had a hard of a time as this one.

In the game, 49-50 really doesn't worry me much, however the stress test results worry me. I've made sure the heatsink was properly on, and tried flipping one of the case fans to blow air in, which seemed to make little difference. I have not overclocked anything. I've never seen my system temps go above 30. Also to note, I did not format after changing MOBO, and processor, because I had no way to backup data. System has been stable, and not sure how that would really effect temps, but thought I would mention it.

Any suggestions, or should I not worry about it? Buy a new heatsink/fan combo? Thank you for your help.

edit: Guess I should note, I used speedfan for the temps, and used Prime95 for the stress test.
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    Those are good temps with the stock cooler, not uncommon to see 70's on stress test if you are using prime95. If you plan to overclock in the future then a after market Cooler would be a good idea!
  2. Ahh ok ty very much. You just made me feel about 100 times better. lol

    Also ty for the link on the cooler, might just have to get it.
  3. There are many good aftermarket coolers. The Hyper 212+ is a very efficient and cost effective HSF.
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