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AMD FX Steam Issue

I just bought Shogun 2 for the steam summer sale and installed it, but when i try to play it it loads for around 5 minutes then BSOD. I researched this and found that it is most likely an issue with my AMD FX 8120 processor. I have installed all driver updates i need except for the BIOS one. I just need to know which version to get because i know i have the f4 version right now, so do I download the F4 link from the site or the F6 version?
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  1. What model MB do you have?
  2. GA-970a-UD3
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    Updating your BIOS to F6 might very well solve your issue. Give it a try.
  4. Its saying that it is incompatible with windows 7 x64 systems, where would i find one for 64 bit?
  5. How are you trying to do the update?

    You can use the @BIOS utility from the motherboards download section for Windows 7 64 bit utilities.
  6. I downloaded, extracted, and installed it using the @BIOS utility, and when i launch the game it loaded the splash screen for a little while and then just rebooted my computer, no BSOD. When it finished rebooting i checked using CPUz and found that it still says that I have the F4 version BIOS.
  7. Hmm. Something must have gone wrong - somehow you flashed the same version. I don't know how. But try again, this time, let @bios download the new bios.
  8. What exactly do you mean? When i download the @BIOS utility, i get an executable which extracts a folder, and in said folder is some files and an application called setup.
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