Windows 7 won't see my hard drive


I just built my first pc and it all went very smooth.
When I tried installing Windows 7, it would begin the installation process... I clicked "Install Now", then when given the options between "Upgrade" or 'Custom (Advanced)', I selected the Custom Advanced.

But it then said it cannot find any device drivers.

But the bios does recognize my hdd: Western digital caviar blue 500GB.
I have a gigabyte z77-d3h motherboard.

Is there anything i've done wrong? What should i be doing?
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  1. you may have bought an upgrade disc and not a oem/retail copy, as upgrade should not be one of the options.
  2. apparently it is, cause i really did buy an oem version of windows 64bit.
  3. If the installer isn't seeing the hard drive it may not be recognising the the sata controller. There should be option to install drivers via usb or swapping the disc. It is probably easier to pop into the BIOS before starting and switching the sata controller into IDE mode then installing. You can install drivers after and switch to proper sata mode.
  4. I've tried switching it to IDE mode, but the results are the same.

    I have absolutely no clue of what to do next.
    My BIOS reads the HDD, it's in serial port 1 and it's enabled. So obviously it's a software problem i guess
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