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Hello All,

I'm looking at building a server that will be primarily used for Hyper-V. I'm working towards my MCITP Server Administrator certification which is why I need this server. If I had to estimate, I would say five or six VM's running at once.

I also plan to host files, host a web site and do some streaming.

Recommendations on a setup? I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible without impacting performance. I found a Dell Tower Server which I'm considering. Not too sure if I need that much power and if I could build something similar myself for cheaper.


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  1. you can build you own i5 2500, with 8GB of ram, and drives for that price. build your own. its better.

    I dont really know Hyper-V. but with my Knoledge on loading servers, with an i5 2500 (or i7 2600, depending if you need HT-technologie) you cannot go wrong.

    if you can tell me what hyper-v does, i can definitly help you with hardware
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