What do you think of this motherboard?

Having a lot of trouble picking a cheap motherboard around this price. I found this on newegg, looks pretty good overall. I heard ASrock was good at making motherboards soo....


Also, whats the main difference between ATX and mATX besides the price? My case accomodates both. Could you guys also suggest alternative motherboards just in case? Thanks

My CPU is going to be an i5 3450.

Thanks, much appreciated :D
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  1. Its a good match.
  2. Hmmmmm. What about this one? Im on a really tight budget.


    Thanks for help :)
  3. Get the Z75, it's better than an H77 and has a nice price!!!
  4. Its almost the same like ASRock H77 Pro4, different chipset.

    Not much difference for the end user.
  5. For your CPU get the ATX, if u can.
  6. If your not going to oc, then go with h77.
  7. Thanks for advice.

  8. Hi, back again, was wondering

    Is it worth it to get this :


    over the Asrock Z75 pro3?

    It's a whole 50$ more and I'm on a pretty strict 1000$ budget

    How much better is ASUS in terms of quality and customer care over ASrock?

    I don't care too much about the features, but quality and customer service are a must have. Are asrock motherboards just as reliable? Do they have decent customer service?
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