Having a problem and not sure if it's video cards or motherboard

Now I might just have a bad motherboard but I'm having issues with SLI video cards. It worked for about a month or two. I still have the faulty SATA socket 1155 ASRock Premium4 motherboard that seems to not accept two videos cards. It seems the first PCE-E slot won't accept the video card I have. I'm trying to SLI two gigabyte 560 tis (not the superoverclocked one). Now I have a HX850 from Corsair and I've asked before on Tom's site if it can handle it and people said it does so it's not the power supply problem.

Now I bought a Gigabyte board UD5 and my two video cards did not work as well. I'm not sure if it was the video cards themselves because the first PCI-E slot seems to be blocked by a metal part. Now I wasn't sure if it fit because my video card is touching the metal block. When I loaded up my computer it kept shutting down when it tried to load windows, so I tried to reformat my hard drive but... my keyboard won't light up before the BIOS screen goes away. I also had this blue blocks in the screen and was wondering if it was a video card defect.

Now I took off one video card if it would help and it did... for awhile until it either sits there in a black screen or tries to load windows but this time it didn't have blue blocks around the screen.

I gave up and RMA'd the gigabyte motherboard. Am I going crazy with bad luck or is something I'm doing wrong?
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  1. Read the manual on the Gigabyte board, does it matter what PCI slot you use for each card? If it doesn't use the second slot... the one that isn't interefered by this "metal things", and test each card, does each work on their own?

    If so, it is possible that even that PSU is a good brand, made of good quality parts, you could have gotten a "lemon".
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