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What exactly is the difference between these 2 MOBO's?

I'm weighing up MOBO purchases at the moment and am considering either 1 of these 2 :
GA-H77-D3H-MVP - (link)
GA-Z77-D3H - (link) - $155

Or maybe springing for the extra cash for this one :
SABERTOOTH Z77 - (link) - $275

I can't remember dafuq the z designation stands for though. Isn't that the heavy duty one you should get when overclocking or some crap like that? Because I do plan on overclocking the CPU (i5 3570k). I also plan on utilizing my old GPU as a PPU will all of these support that? (The Gigabyte one only mentions AMD support(dick move) while the sabertooth mentions AMD & Nvidia support). Will I need to go hunting for a replacement Asus one instead of the Gigabyte ones? What you gentlemen reckon?
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  1. Z77 Overclocking CPU + GPU + RAM

    H77 Overclocking GPU

    If you want to overclock get the Z77
  2. OK then I'll scratch the H77 off the list. But the Z77 doesn't mention Nvidia multi card support, do I need that for using my old GPU as a PPU?
  3. Whoops forgot the third link =P. It's there now.
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    i have the sabertooth mb what you have to look now at the low end z77 mb is the pci bus speed of the mb. some of them are 16x with one card and 16x and 4x with two cards. the sabertooth is an 8x by 8x mb. does both pci 2.0 and pci 3.0 video cards.
    gigbyte uses VIA VT2021 codec the sabertooth is ealtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
    gb uses Atheros GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
    asus uses ntel® 82579V, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s)
    gb video is a 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x4 (PCIEX4)
    asus 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8) *2
    gb board has both vga and dvi video out ports built in.
    asus only has mini hdmi
    asus board has neat feature..usb ram or cpu needed to recover the bios.
  5. Hmm. Is there any way to set one as 16x and other one 1x?
  6. Unfortunately I am not a big video card guy. If you are referring to SLI the gigabyte board does not support SLI the ASUS board does. The Gigabyte board supports the first slot at 16X and the second slot at 4X. I would recommend the Sabertooth.
  7. You could download the MB manuals and check what PCIE settings can be applied. If you are looking for that kind of disparity in speed between slots I would then say that the gigabyte is the way to go. What cards are you wanting to install into the PCIE slots?
  8. I'll be using my old GPU as a PPU (link) and replacing the 560ti GPU with a uber GPU in about a year when they bring out the 7 series. PPU's don't need as much bandwidth as a GPU especially since it's a very old card. I will for sure download the manual n have a read and see what it's capable of. While I'm at it you reckon a 750watt PSU will be enough or maybe need to push to a 850? I reckon 750 should be enough.
  9. a good brand 750 should be fine.
  10. Thanks for the help lads, You've been very handy.
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