1st build not booting there only the green led on mobo on

hi i need some help with my first build and i think i done ok but there only a green light on the motherboard and no fans spinning.also no boot i made sure all the cables are pushed in could i have some assistant with what to do next.also im new to this side of computers so easy read plz
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  1. my specs
    m4a87td mobo

    750 wattspsu

    amd phantom x4 black type

    corair xms3 1333mhz 4 gb ram

    nvdia 9800gt

    plz can i have fast help im waiting bye my pc
  2. ok i tryed reseating the cpu and heatsink and plug the power 24pin cable again
    also tryed the 4 pin power i placed it all ways

    and i taken out my 9800gt and all ram and fans not cpu

    i inserted this rest and power cable that came with the case thats two pins
    i brought all these objects brand new so i worried that i broken something and this is my sons birthday money

    i need hlp fuys because im craping my self i feel so bad
    hope i have better luck 2moz
  3. Starting from the beginning...

    Did you install the motherboard to the case using the proper mount posts? They are usually made up of brass material.

    Just a question to help you out.
  4. Also on some power supplies, on the back there is a switch. Depending on your country and location, you'll need to select the proper voltage. USA = 115V
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