Hd 5670 compatibilty issue

hi i bought a new msi hd 5670 pmd1g and when i tried to install it the display doesnt comes up
at all
i could see the fan on it moving though

well i want to know what is the issue here. it could be that the graphics card is faulty
or it may be having compatibilty problem with the motherboard msi ms 7529 1.0
or it could that the dvi to vga adaptor maybe faulty.

with onboard graphics i can run the display

please tell me if the motherboard and the card have a compatibilty issue

my system specs are

e5300 @ 2.6 ghz
2gb ddr2 ram
msi ms 7529 1.0
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  1. In the BIOS do you see anything to change the graphics to go from the PCI-e slot?
  2. i am sorry but dont know how to use bios
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