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Hello!, I have an Asus P5G41T-M LX3 motherboard running a C2D e8200 @ 2.66ghz. I have a PCI express x16 slot in my mobo. I want to upgrade to a new graphics card. I'm planning to buy a Nvidia gtx 460. Will it be suitable for my mobo as I'm planning a final time upgrade for this mobo. So, which card should I buy that will enable me to take on hold for atleast 4-5 years as I will not be upgrading my computer for next 5 years or so.
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  1. GTX 460 would be *** good choice.
    You won´t have problems with your MOBO.
    What´s your power supply???

  2. you failed to mention your requirements for that card.....ie......what do you need it to do??? games??? hd video??? just run internet??? the 460 is *** great card.... but you may not even need that much!!!
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