X58 PRO-E motherboard can no longer find my new SATA drives


I've recently been upgrading my "older" pc system by adding a new SATA HDD and a new SATA SSD.
Seagate SpinPoint F3 ST1000DM005 < new HDD
OCZ Octane 2 Series - Solid state drive - 64 GB < new SSD

Both are SATA300.

At first I was able to run these both devices fine, but I shut down my pc, rebooted it and found that my bios can no longer find any of those two drives. It does however find my very old sata HDD and my IDE DVD player. When entering bios it seems to hang on "Finding AHCI port X" where X represents the number of the slot. I've switched around all the slots, I'm trying every bios update humanly possible but the bios refuses to detect the SATA drives.

I refuse to believe that both the new hdd and the ssd broke down at the same time in the exact same way, so the conclusion is that the motherboard is doing something wrong. I've installed windows on the old HDD so I can run and fetch drivers when needed.

Any help or insight in this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.
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  1. Check your BIOS storage settings. You should have settings for "legacy" IDE, RAID, and ACHI. Try the ACHI setting, save and exit the BIOS. The system will restart and you see whether or not it finds your SATA drives.
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