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GTX 570 working very slow

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 14, 2011 1:02:29 PM

I recently bought an Asus Geforce GTX 570 and after i installed it, I began to get *** lower fps than the Winfast (leadtek) geforce 8800GT i had before on the same settings and on even lower settings.
As i tried asking my friends they suggested that i might have *** PCI-e slot while this card might need *** PCI-e 2 Slot (X16 i think ? )
Even my whole system is working alot slower than before by means of launching web browsers.
My system includes :

Intel DP35DP (mobo)
Intel Q6600 (CPU)
Asus GTX 570 (GFX Newly Bought)
4 giga ram ddr 2
Windows 7 32 bit (which only uses 3.2 max of ram ? so i heard atleast)
Western Digital HDD's of 250GB and 500GB all tough i doubt it will matter.

What should I Do?
Thanks from advance.

P.S. :
I am using 2 monitors :
Xerox XM7-20wX
Xerox XM7-22w

and max resolution on both which is 1680X1050.
I must say that with my previous card (winfast geforce 8800GT) this 2 monitor configuration never caused *** problem even tough sometimes one or two of them were not getting *** signal, but that was solved by reseting the computer/Unplug-Replug the monitors.

I also tried running *** FullHD movie and that was an episode of "Game Of Thrones" which ran Perfectly.

Almost forgot to mention, On my 22w' monitor, the text is kind of blurry and flickering.

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May 14, 2011 2:59:42 PM

You should download the latest drivers from the nvidia website, the installation of the drivers should not be done with older drivers installed. You will need driver sweeper to completely remove your old drivers. There are many tutorials to teach how to use driver sweeper accurately. Once you will finish with the work of driver sweeping, then you are good to install your new drivers.

Please tell me which power supply unit you have, whatever it is it should be more than 600 watts for decent performance and I am expecting you have used two 6 pin PCI-E connectors. The gtx 570 is really *** power hungry graphics card. you may although get the correct idea of your power requirements here:

Have you checked the temperatures of your graphics card, make sure they are low, higher temperatures result in poor performance. Make sure that the fan of the graphics card is spinning.

your motherboard too may be cause of the problem. You can refer your motherboard here and can make sure if its good for gtx 570:

I would also suggest you to default your BIOS settings , you motherboard may have that option. You can use MSI afterburner to default your graphics card settings too.

It would be better if you can post some screenshots so that we can get the correct idea of your problem.

After all, I can say that any of the above steps can recover your graphics card problem until and unless it has any manufacturing defect, the best solution to the problem is you directly contact the ASUS for support and if the problem persists even after meeting all the requirements (power, motherboard etc.), then it is problem of the graphics card and you can use your warranty.
May 14, 2011 3:28:46 PM

Thanks alot for the quick replay,
I have a Chieftec CFT 750.
I did connect BOTH 6 pin auxiliary power connectors on the side.

What did you mean by "two 6 pin PCI-E connectors" (the above?)

According to ASUS Smart Doctor (program comes with the driver disc), my card temp is between 41-51.. (after the post i tried installing new windows updates, which lowered the temp form 51 to 41 [might have something to do with room temp during the evening and morning perhaps] and fixed the flickering issue and the blurry text. I tried running Dragon Age 2 on DX11 and max details which ran on maybe 10 fps or lower with sound getting stucked and beeing weird + Tried NFS Shief Unleashed 2 Which ran better before the updates and now the main menu barely go up with low fps [altough i did change the graphics settings last time i tried running the game -> Before update, so a few changes might have changed after game restart only which has been re launched after i updated])

How do I default my BIOS ? regarding the graphics card, can i simply default it from the Nvidia Control panel ?

Screenshots of ?

About the MOBO Specs,
If i understand it correctly (and please confirm) it has a PSI-e X16 Gen 2.0
Graphics Specifications
Integrated Graphics
Graphics Output
Dual Display Capable
Discrete Graphics
PCIe x16
Expansion Options
PCI Support
PCIe x1 Gen 2.x
PCIe x4 Gen 2.x
PCIe x8 Gen 2.x
PCIe x16 Gen 2.x

Regarding :
"The gtx 570 is really *** power hungry graphics card. you may although get the correct idea of your power requirements here:
I have not found any details about power consumption on that link.


after watching more than a few seconds on the FullHD Episode mentioned above, its far from playing perfectly...
Every few random seconds, it lags just a little..

My Firefox window lag as hell when i type or scroll the browser.

I will try the driver sweeper in a few minutes and post update after installing the most new drivers from nvidia site.
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May 14, 2011 6:11:02 PM

Ok, im getting really frustrated here..
After installing the Driver Sweeper and cleaning and and deleting all of what wasn't deleted from the Driver Sweeper, I used the Un-install from the folder or from Add\Remove as Nvidia drivers include HD Sound and PhysX and so on and on, i had to remove each of them.
Anyway, after i finished (like 8 restarts) i installed the fresh driver from the Nvidia site for my card and performed a Clean install trough the Custom install section in the driver installation.
Had a little improvement here in menu launching BUT, the Sound was choppy and synced with the Video by means of Choppyness.. so i figured, Sound driver right ?
Uninstalled the Nvidia HD Audio driver and performed a restart and than installed the Realtek R260 HD Audio driver which killed that problem and gave me A BIG IMPROVEMENT, Altough not enough i think..
NFS Shift Unleashed 2 now works on 1680X1050 maxed out with AA almost perfect but still a little choppy here and there..
Rift on the other hand gave me 5 FPS on Ultra settings (1680X1050) and after i change in the Nvidia Control panel the "Manage power saving" from Adapting to Maximum Performance, i got an improvement on the same settings to 12 FPS..

===Lower Left Corner for FPS===

Is there any light that could been shed trough those events i just described above ?
Formatting is my latest option as you might understand..
a c 217 U Graphics card
May 14, 2011 6:13:20 PM

A word of warning; one of the software packaged with the ASUS cards (smartdoctor or that other one, I forget the name) can cause some games to run horribly. You may try to run your cards without the ASUS software first and make sure it's running well before you attempt to run it again.
May 15, 2011 3:17:45 AM

your problem seems weird. I think you should go ahead and reinstall your windows, but before doing that have you checked that no other background programs are running and there aren't any viruses, if yes and with success, then reinstall your windows and check whether the problem persists.

As for motherboard, it is written that your motherboard has PCI-E X16 2.x which means maybe 2.0, thats good for gtx 570.

another thing, have you contacted ASUS about the problem? They should give the exact answer to your problem.
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May 15, 2011 10:14:19 AM

bystander is right about the ASUS software. It has been reported to to cause many problems when running games.Uninstall it immediately and use GPU-Z and MSI Afterburner. Download GPU-Z and check if your card is running at PCI-E x16.
a c 172 U Graphics card
May 15, 2011 11:41:34 AM

i remember back in the day i used to use ASUS PC probe.....boy was that a killer, was the cause of major jitters and FPS abnormalities.
May 15, 2011 5:31:28 PM

Ok.. GPU-Z Resolutions:

So according to GPU-Z, It is running on a PCI-E 16X @ 16X 1.1
altough on the second picture it says that the card reports that it support the 1.1 but..
can anyone explain whats going on please? and if i still need to update my bios ? format my windows ? or perhaps change motherboard?
My computer is back on working extremely slow as i type already 4 sentences and i still dont see them appearing in the text box.

One more thing,
on my aux connections (power connections) to the card, one is 6 pin and one is 8 pins, i connected 2 6 pins and now changed to 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin. Altough no change in performance.
a c 217 U Graphics card
May 15, 2011 6:51:54 PM

x16 is fine. It will work as if it was a x8 2.0 slot and that results in a very small performance hit (roughly 3%).

If you are having really slow performance just typing into this forum, you have something else going on with your computer, probably not related to the graphics card.
a b U Graphics card
May 16, 2011 4:44:00 AM

Since you're experiencing slowdowns in normal activities, I suggest that you do a clean Windows installation.
May 17, 2011 8:07:13 PM

Well, i finished formatting and it still works weird.. sometimes fast and sometimes slow.. The windows and web i mean..
I tried BF BC 2 and it worked good on 1680X1060 (1060right ? ) and than i tried The Witcher 2 and it worked Bad.. with the sound looping in a weird way and fps going up and down like a roller coaster..
Tried installing the R260 Realtek HD Audio driver altough for no good..
Any suggestions ?
So out of frustration i unplugged the GTX 570 and sent it to Stress test under the warrenty.. il get it back in a few days, right now im still getting a weird workflow of windows and web browsers even tough im using my old 8800GT..
I assume its not the GTX who was fucked up now that its not even connected, altough what is ? the motherboard is fried ?
eventualy il just buy a new computer out of frustration..
Tried installing the R260 Realtek HD Audio driver altough for no good..
Any suggestions ?
May 17, 2011 9:48:10 PM

-try to restore the default parameter of your bios
-check your CPU, Mobo temperature (you can use aida64 under windows or health monitor under the bios)
-if you are using two memory stick then try one at time
-if you have an other good PSU then use it (just to confirm it's not your current PSU)

..can you tell us if your windows boots up smoothly, I mean he won't take too long time to show it's desktop (if this is the case -windows take long time to start- then try changing the SATA cables or the IDE cable if you have one connected)

this is what come in my mind right now, hope it'll help you ...
November 25, 2011 5:03:31 PM

Definately your CPU and mobo.....I used to have a q6600 and got frustrated as well because it would still skip / freeze for a bit in bf3 and now that i've upgraded to a i5-2500k @ 4.3ghz on a gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 it's a smooth as a baby's laggg a a hugeeeee difference from my radeon 5750 q6600 @ 3.2ghz.....recommend a upgrade....micro center has great deals!