Asrock g41-gs3 Problem!!!help!!

hi...i reallyyyy dont knoww what is the probleem....i assembled the pc and installed windows 7 and after a while my dad told me his pc will randomly shutdown in windows and first i think there is a problem with psu but....after i decide to clear the cmos nowwww the system shutdown in less than 30 seconds i dont know what to do...isnt it motherboard issue ??? plzzz help
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  1. Start by telling me all the maker and model number of all these parts, don't miss any:

    Video Card
    Hard Drive

    What was the dad doing when it shut down? Surfing the internet?

    How far does the computer get now in the 30 seconds before it shuts down? Does it make it to the Windows desktop in 30 seconds or is that before it even gets to Windows while it is on the loading screen?
  2. Ye ye ye amm
    Cpu:intel pentium G630 2.8 Ghz
    Motherboard: asrock g41-gs3
    Ram: Verico 2gb DDR3 its a taiwan brand
    Video caard: Intel x4500 Hd (onboard)
    Hard Drive: Seagate 500 Gb
    PSU: have no brand!!!i think its around 300W
    Case:TVM case

    and yes last month shutdown occurs randomly in windows like internet...and casual stuff

    and it wont take too long...starts till the starting windows and then off...(before the windows loads)

    i cleared cmos becuz my dad put a password on bios by mistake and i could remove that...i put an ic on the Cms Clr on motherboard and when i turned it on password was removed but...this was next issue that i cant even go to windows anymore :(
  3. When you cleared the BIOS, you probably caused the hard drive type to revert to IDE or something.

    Try going into the BIOS and see if you can try to find an entry for the hard drive that says one of these things


    after you find it, try changing it to one of the others on the list and see if it boots, if not then try the other one that it hasn't been set to yet.

    See if that works.
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