What is RIMM memory?

What is RIMM memory and what is it used for?
And what is the benefit from ECC memory?
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  1. Hi NICO,

    RIMM is RAMBUS. Don't waste money on it. TOO expensive for the offered performance. ECC is errorcorrection and mainly used in servers. Much more expensive.

    Grtz, Leywalker
  2. I second that - RAMBUS it still too overpriced for the performance it gives you. Look under the mainboards articles on this site, Tom has written a few on RAMBUS.
    Only reason you'd need to buy it is for multiprocesser servers. Same goes with ECC RAM. Your motherboard also has to support it and all of your RAM would have to be ECC. I remember reading somewhere ECC is slighly slower ~ 2-5% loss in performance.
  3. RIMM is an acronym for [-peep-] [-peep-] [-peep-] [-peep-]!

    Sorry if I offended anyone saying the word RIMM.

    Take care!
  4. It's old junk, ddr-sdram is faster and always will
  5. i got peep'ed, how about that. How about Sh!t sh!t sh!t sh!t

    Take Care.
    If money was no object, how could you spend it!
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