Intel dual core 2400m vs AMD A8-3400M

How does the intel i5 dual core 2410 CPU computer to the newer AMD A8 3400M Quad Core CPU? I recently found an affordable Hewlett Packard Pavilion equipped with the A8 CPU and 8GHz RAM but I have heard about some negative reviews of Hewlett Packard...also need to know if the HP store advertisement of the HP's CPU clock speed of 2.4GHz is accurate as the store clerk did not know if this was a constant clock speed or a turbo boost over-clocking speed...what is the always running base speed of this AMD A8 Quad Core and how does it compare the the allegedly 2.3 GHz of the intel i5 2400M allegedly boostable to 2.9 Ghz ???
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  1. HP is the #1 PC distributor in the world, however they're aren't on the top of the list as far as quality and customer service.

    I think you're talking about a A6-3400M, which based on the information on it's a 1.4GHz with Turbo of up to 2.3 GHz.

    For the most part the Intel i5-2410 is much faster, however if you throw gaming into the mix than the A6-3400M will trump since it has better integrated graphics, however the caveat is that it still won't push a game into playable territory. If you're going to game get something with a discrete graphics card, either way i5-2410 will smoke that AMD APU.
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