Insufficient Power - Damage?

I recently upgraded mobos so it's no longer an important concern, just curiousness. I have a Phenom II x4 940 @ 125W TDP. My old board was only rated at 89W TDP.
I've ran some stress tests and have come to the conclusion that the processor is fine. My question is: By putting the processor in a motherboard that could not provide adequate power, could I have damaged the processor, and how?
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  1. Yes. How? Who knows?

    You can also damage the motherboard power regulator by trying to force it to deliver more power than it was designed to.
  2. That's what I figured. My friend and I are in a disagreement, and he's sure that no harm could possibly be done to the processor by under-supplying it. I can't exactly tell him it could, but not supply an example of an exact cause.
  3. Yes definitly. There are alot of things that could go wrong. It could screw up just the cpu or even worse it could screw up the mobo as jsc said.
  4. +1 to all that. Now imagine what is happening to people's motherboards who are overclocking bulldozer to 5ghz, its using nearly double the power the motherboard is rated for.
  5. As many find out the hard way when they upgrade hardware. They'll buy a prebuilt computer and upgrade it with a high-end videocard but will keep the junky OEM PSU that it comes with. The PSU can't supply enough energy to power everything and eventually the PSU will take a dump on you and when that happens it ends up usually taking other hardware with it like the videocard. Underpowering hardware will usually end up causing problems including screwing up hardware like the mobo, video card or cpu.
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