New computer advice needed

i have a limited budget about say 500 pounds
something to play the odd game such as
deus ex3 bf3 - rez 1024 x 768
also im in the uk ebuyer references prefered
i no little of pcs so if i list some parts and u no
something better or even cheaper that works
better then what i post please advise me
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3 8MB Cache 125W Retail Boxed Processor £104.52£87.10inc vat

question is this ok for reasonable gaming for the next year or 2
or should i go upto the x6 core
Western Digital WD5000AADS 500GB Hard Drive SATAII 32MB Cache - OEM Caviar Green # £30.99inc. vat
LG GH24NS70 24x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - Retail Black with Software # £15.50inc. vat > will this come with cables or
will the pc generally have enough ?

current price spent so far around 152 pounds

advice needed here.
mobo - tower - psu - memory - 4/8 gig - something reasonable
but something that doesnt blow my budget
as i need to factor a g/card. is it possible to get the above 4
items for around 200. leaving 150 for a graphics card
last question will i need a different cpu cooler.
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  1. Wow, computer parts are expensive there. Lemme work on this one.
  2. anyone ?
  3. Do you have a monitor ??
  4. If only for gaming, I would suggest this CPU - Intel i3 2100, Yes it is not a quad, but when it comes to gaming, it performs better than the 965,...
    Or if you really want a true-quad, then this -

    Mobo -

    RAM -

    CASE -

    PSU - Corsair 500W

    Video card - HD 6850
    Or 6870
    But you should know that either of these cards will only be advantageous if you have a high resolution monitor,...


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