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I have an older X58 system with I7-920 processor. I have recently upgraded to a Intel SSD. That is when I realized that I needed to be in AHCI mode. Is it possible to go into BIOS and change to AHCI without loosing everything? I would sure hate to have to reload .
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  1. There is a registry hack that can be used to convert from IDE to AHCI
  2. Probably will lose everything as using a different bios mode for accessing data on any drives results in a loss of configuration/meta data. Intel provides a tool to migrate data. Works very well in my opinion.
  3. That information is for Win 7. I am sorry that I didn't mention I am using XP.
  4. You also need to install the AHCI driver for your SATA controller.

    I've done the registry hack on a Windows XP install that was initially done in IDE mode on an SSD and then switched over to AHCI mode and it worked absolutely fine with no loss of data.

    See the "How to enable AHCI : Windows XP" instructions here:
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